The Skinny - Try it Skinnylicious Style!

Now our delicious pizzas come in an even skinnier crust. So get your pizza without the guilt, 15-30% less calories. Also our six inch subs are under 470 calories.

Gluten-free crust

Additional charge apply
Our gulten-free crust comes in three diffrent sizes .... 
Piccoli (personal), Medio (medium)
and Grande (large). Also available for wraps and small paninos.
Best Gluten-free in town, guarantee!

Vegan Cheese

Additional charge apply
Vegan, anybody? We offer Daiya vegan cheese instead of our mozzarella cheese to top your pizza, also lots of free veggies to choose from.

Gluten-free Beer

Now we offer Johnny Appleseed - Hard Apple Cider with 5.5% ALC/VOL. 
And other gluten-free sancks.